Guided Deer Hunts Oklahoma

Deer season is on in Oklahoma! And with archery and muzzleloader season currently open, hunters have multiple ways to harvest the type of deer they’re looking for, be it an antlerless deer to keep the fall family menu full of venison (because, well, hunters in the know… take a doe), or a buck they’ve been observing for months.

Oklahoma offers some of the finest whitetail deer hunting opportunities in the country. Our annual harvest numbers are on the rise, showcasing a growing population of impressive whitetail bucks each year. The whitetail bucks from the Sooner state have garnered national attention, particularly due to the harvest of remarkably large specimens in recent years.

Our white-tailed deer hunts take place in Northern Oklahoma on leased private ranches and farmlands. These hunting areas consistently rank among the top whitetail hunting spots in Oklahoma, excelling in both quantity and quality of deer.

All hunts are professionally guided by experienced hunting guides.

North Texas Deer Hunting Season

Deer – Archery Oct 1, 2023 Jan 15, 2024
Deer – Youth Gun Oct 20, 2023 Oct 22, 2023
Deer – Muzzleloader Oct 28, 2023 Nov 5, 2023
Deer – Gun Nov 18, 2023 Dec 3, 2023

North Texas Deer Hunting Rates

Bow – $350 per day (two-day min.)

Muzzle – $350 per day (two-day min.)

Rifle – $500 per day (two-day min.)

An additional $100 per day for weekends.

There is a $750 kill fee. (No more than one buck and one doe allowed.)